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Welcome to TalentArbor

In a world where technology reshapes the way we work, Rangam’s TalentArbor platform stands as a beacon of empathy, driving innovation and creating a spectrum of opportunities. We embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), fostering strong, empathetic partnerships that enhance opportunities for talents universally.

What We Do

TalentArbor serves as a bridge connecting job seekers with employers, facilitating collaborations with support providers, and valuing talent partners as crucial pillars in our mission of Accelerating Meaningful Employment for Everyone. Our holistic approach ensures a diverse and inclusive workforce, driving innovation and excellence across industries.

TalentArbor – Revolutionizing Inclusive Workforce Solutions


Holistic Workforce Approach:

Leverages the power of Rangam’s SourcePros and SourceAbled frameworks to deliver a comprehensive talent management solution.

Tech-Driven Innovation:

Utilizes cutting-edge technology to enhance the recruitment, onboarding, and development of a diverse talent pool.

Omnichannel Sourcing:

Offers a multi-platform sourcing strategy that reaches candidates across various touchpoints, ensuring a wide and inclusive reach.

Empowering Inclusivity:

Dedicated to creating equitable opportunities for all, including neurodivergent individuals and those with disabilities.

Data-Driven Insights:

Provides actionable analytics to guide hiring decisions, track program success, and optimize DEI initiatives.

Seamless Integration:

Integrates with existing HR systems for a unified and user-friendly experience for both candidates and employers.

Nurturing Our Ecosystem

Talent Seeking Opportunities

TalentArbor stands out for its empathetic approach toward job seekers. It offers a customized support system that includes mentorship programs, skill-building workshops, and accessibility resources, ensuring that every individual can navigate their career path with confidence and support.

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Employers Seeking Talent

TalentArbor guides employers in adopting empathetic and innovative hiring practices that value diversity and inclusivity. Our resources and tools are designed to help employers understand and appreciate the richness that diverse talent brings to their organizations.

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Support Providers Enhancing Services

We collaborate with support providers to enhance their capabilities through training, resource-sharing, and a shared commitment to empathy and inclusivity. We value these partnerships as they significantly amplify the positive impact on the lives of job seekers and their family members.

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Talent Partners Driving Change

Talent partners play a critical role in extending TalentArbor’s mission. The synergy between TalentArbor and its partners helps advocate for systemic changes and break down barriers, creating success stories that illustrate the transformative power of our collaborations.

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Premier Services Spotlight – SourceAbled and SourcePros

SourceAbled and SourcePros are Rangam’s legacy HR-tech systems that are keystones in our mission to foster inclusive employment opportunities. These programs exemplify our commitment to connecting neurodivergent individuals and those with disabilities with employers who value and seek their unique skills and talents.

Premier Services Spotlight – SourceAbled and SourcePros

Dive into the heart of our community with stories that inspire and insights that inform. From individual achievements to breakthrough partnerships, discover the narratives that define our collective pursuit of diversity and inclusion.

Empathy in Action

Magic of Partnerships

Building Together

Get Involved

Whether you're seeking career opportunities, aiming to diversify your talent pool, looking to enhance your service offerings, or eager to drive change as a talent partner, TalentArbor offers distinct pathways for engagement. Join us in shaping a workforce that celebrates and benefits from diversity at every level.