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How do you ensure the accuracy and precision of your DEI Strategy? The answer is Rangam’s TalentArbor.

TalentArbor gives talent acquisition teams the ability to measure the effectiveness of recruitment strategies through Rangam's AI Indicators. Each indicator utilizes a set of complex algorithms to generate a score for matching job alignment, geographic availability, and the workplace environment to available talent.

Job Alignment Indicator (JAI)

Analyse your job's title and description to estimate the size of the talent pool who could be qualified matches for this position.

Location Availability Indicator (LAI)

Match talent by location with the Location Availability Indicator, so that you get insight into talent opportunities by geographic location.

Environment Accommodation Indicator (EAI)

A robust survey based on industry-proven factors determines existing workplace accessibility and possible accommodations for talent with disabilities, autism or neurodivergence.


In a national study by Harris Poll, HR managers say they lose an average of 14 hours a week manually completing tasks that could be automated. And considering the volume involved with applicant screening, it's no wonder why the industry is turning towards AI as a solution.

Why AI for Talent Acquisition

AI Matching

Get better matching patterns with new information and datasets.

Enhanced Search

Search candidates with similar skillsets, qualifications and experience.

Work Environment

Identify the most suitable work environment that people with disabilities work more efficiently within.


Ascertain whether qualified talent is available in specific geographic locations.

Unbiased Decisions

Add objectivity to decision-making by eliminating affinity bias and confirmation bias.

Why TalentArbor?

Since 2007, Rangam has been challenging the stigma, bias and stereotypes surrounding the employment of individuals with autism, neurodiversity and disabilities. Our technology team has been diligently developing innovative D&I hiring frameworks to help business not only establish new programs from scratch, but also scale their inclusion efforts.

In-house technology team

Our team is available 24x7 to address any concerns or questions

Over 25 years of experience

We have been in the talent acquisition space since 1995

Cross-industry collaborations

Employment, education, information technology, healthcare

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